11,000LB Hot Farm Tractors

These tractors are not just off the farm, no, no these behemoths had seen rows in a while. They must weigh in at 11,000 pounds. 466 Cubic inch, limited with a 2 percent allowance for a maximum of 475 Cubic inches. Tire size will be 20.8 X 38 with top cut only on the cleat and no alterations to be made to the front edge of the cleat.

Adam Ritchie built a tractor to honor his father, a farmer in the Harrisonburg area.  It would be called "Pap's Blue Ribbon" and it was destined to win.  It has now gone back to back to back wining since 2015.  In 2015, the tractor tied in points with Bill Catlett but the blue ride had 1 more win than the red one did.  That tie breaker has led to an unprecedented run in the hot Farm class.  Having other colors in the shop doesn't seem to bother Pap's or owner/driver Adam.  When you are going good, everybody wants what you got going on.  

Congratulations to Adam, Vanessa, William, Slim, Garrett, Ed and all others working over at Paps Blue Ribbon Motorsports on the big season of 2017.