10,500 Hot Farm Rules

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1. Tractors must be agricultural tractor having chassis, engine, clutch, transmission, differential housing and hood and grill of the manufacture. Engine, clutch, transmission and differential housing must bolt together and be in the stock location. OEM length and location from rear end housing to front of the engine. No component tractors. Tractors must have wide front end and track within the rear wheels.

2. Tractors must have steel flywheel and clutch components. No cast. Clutch housing must have a SFI blanket or a steel band of 3/8" thick by 6" wide 360 degree around flywheel.

3. Cubic inch limit is 466 with a 2% allowance.

4. OEM cylinder head. No recast, aluminum or overhead cams allowed. OEM intake and exhaust manifolds only.

5. Fuel injection pump no larger than an A-pump. One plunger per cylinder.

6. Water injection allowed.

7. Intercoolers are allowed.

8. One (1) turbo with a maximum size of a 3.0 inlet x 3.5 exhaust with a T-4 foot. Turbo must have restrictor plate 1/4 inch thick with a hole no larger than 3.0 to be measured 2 inches from the compressor wheel blade. All air must go through the 3.0 inlet restrictor plate. No oval or oblong shaped holes permitted. No welding to the turbo housing permitted. Exhaust housings will be limited to a max size of 7.5 inches

9. Tractor must have an air shut off. Air shut off must be easily removed for turbo inspection. The pull cable must be within 6" of center of rear end and be above any obstruction with a 2" ring.

10. Tractor must have side shields (Aluminum .125 or steel .90) Must have quick release fasteners to remove shields.

11. Exhaust must discharge vertically upwards and be a minimum of 18 inches above hood. No curved pipes or rain caps allowed. Exhaust pipe must have two crossed bolts of 3/8 inch within 1 inch apart.

12. Tractors with a plastic or fiberglass hood must be shielded in the turbo area with a minimum of aluminum .125 or steel .60.

13. Drawbar length of 18" minimum from center of rear axle to the hook point. Drawbar must be rigid in all directions and be a hitch height of 20" from ground to top of hitch.

14. Tractor must have whee lie bars. Pads must have a minimum of a 5" square pad. Pads maximum of 10" off the ground. Wheelie bars must support weight of the tractor.

15. Tires- Maximum 24.5 x 32. No larger than 38". Top cut only.

16. Roll Bars are Mandatory and we highly recommend roll cages

17. Diesel fuel only. No hot fuel. Only additive allowed will be approved lubricants.

18. Dead man throttle and must have two springs.

19. Removal of PTO and Hydraulics allowed.

20. Tractor must have working brakes.

21. Tractor must have fenders that consist of a solid barrier between the wheel and driver. Barrier must be able to support the weight of the driver and must extend a minimum of 6 inches horizontally at the top and a minimum of 36 inches wide at the top.

22. Fire extinguisher must be mounted within reach of the driver's seat and be in working order.

23. Fuel dump or cut off must be located within reach from the side of tractor behind side shields.

24. No accelerants, no propane or alcohol mixtures allowed in the fuel or water.

25. Wheel base to be a maximum of 114 inches. Extended weight frames will be allowed. Total length from center of rear axle to the weight frame be no more than 13 feet.

26.Weight of Tractors will be 10,500 pounds.

Updated September 28, 2014.

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