12,000LB Altered Farm Tractors

These tractors are anything but farm tractors. They must weigh in at 12,000 pounds as the name implies. An engine maximum size of 466 Cubic inch, with a 2 percent allowance for a maximum of 475 Cubic inches. Tire size will be 20.8 X 38 with with top cut only on cleat and no alterations to the front edge of cleat.

The class been around for a while.  Tommy Eppard and his Snortin' Horse might be a stranger to you but not to winning. For the past several years all Tommy has been doing is winning. If it isn't Tommy, it was his stablemate Mark Lawson jumping in the winner's circle. Tommy has his tractor set on kill you can hear the horse living up to its name. The Ford and its driver just went back to back in the Altered Farm class. Congratulations to Tommy and crew!