6200 Outlaw Street 4x4 Trucks

These stock-looking trucks feature a 555 cubic inch limit, factory glass, DOT-approved tires, and no larger than a one-ton power train.  This class and rule changes are all new for 2014. 

In the thrilling world of truck pulling, Pat Jones's iconic truck, aptly named "Done Talkin'," emerged as a dominant force in the Dragon Motorsports Outlaw Street 4x4 class during the 2023 season. This powerful machine showcased its prowess by securing victories in all eight events it participated in, leaving a trail of success and excitement in its wake. The culmination of this impressive performance took place in front of enthusiastic hometown crowds at Dillwyn and Farmville, Virginia, where Pat Jones and "Done Talkin'" demonstrated their unmatched skill and determination.

Despite his absence from the Dragon Motorsports banquet, Pat Jones's commitment to excellence shone through. With other engagements demanding his attention, Pat entrusted his close friend and fellow puller, Ted Ingram, to accept his well-deserved award on his behalf. This gesture not only highlighted the camaraderie within the pulling community but also underscored Pat Jones's dedication to the sport. Congratulations are in order for Pat Jones and the "Done Talkin'" team on their remarkable achievement of back-to-back championships, solidifying their legacy in the world of truck pulling.