6200 Outlaw Street 4x4 Trucks

These stock-looking trucks feature a 555 cubic inch limit, factory glass, DOT-approved tires, and no larger than a one-ton power train.  This class and rule changes are all new for 2014. 

Pat Jones is always moving.  You can't keep up with him.  And the competitors couldn't keep up with his Dodge called "Done Talkin'".  John Nicol said, "He could have had a clean sweep across the board, but he had somebody drive his truck and finish second that night, (who drove it a blue tractor driver), his neighbor (Ted Ingram) drove it for him and ruined the streak." Pat said, "I am thankful Ted ran it for me. This class, they are competitive, Ben, Joe, Kevin, and Thomas, give you tips on how to make it run.  Thank you I appreciate it."
Congrats to Pat, Ted, Ingram, John Townsend, and all for helping make this truck work for the 2022 season.