6300 Mod Street Rules for 2022

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  1. No riders in or on truck at any time. Must have qualified driver in truck at all times when engine is running. 
  2. Vehicle must be equipped with operational seatbelts (lap belts acceptable). It is required to wear seatbelt while pulling vehicle on the track-not in the pits.
  3. Trucks must be equipped with DOT approved tires. 12.50 X 35 max
  4. Universal joint shields are required on all drive shaft u-joints and must be at least 4" wide, made of at least 3/16" steel or 1/4" aluminum, and centered over u-joint. All driveshaft’s over 30" long, including those with carrier bearings must be equipped with driveshaft loops made of at least 1" wide metal or rigid 1/2" rod - No chains accepted - and must be 360 degrees around driveshaft but may be two pieces bolted together to make a loop.
  5. All hitches must be secure and rigid in all directions. Hitch Height will be 24" Hitch opening must be at least 3" in diameter. No hydraulic hitches allowed. Minimum hitch length from center of rear axle back must be at least 36% of wheelbase. Drawbar pivot (mounting) cannot be farther forward than the center line of the rear axle. Hitch must be horizontal - Not vertical.
  6. Front end weights permitted, but not to exceed more than 60" from center of front rear to farthest point forward of weights or weight bracket. Maximum width of weights or weight bracket can be 80" or 40" from center of truck to each side
  7. Gasoline fuel only - No diesel fuel - No Alcohol-NOS not permitted. No superchargers or turbochargers.
  8. Drivetrain must be factory one ton or less, and must comply with the following:
    1. No slipper clutches.
    2. Engine and rears must be in stock location. 135 inch maximum wheelbase. Wheelbase must match frame of truck no matter what body is on frame. Hitch will be based on 36% of wheelbase no matter what the wheelbase is.
    3. Must have front and rear working brakes.
    4. Front solid suspension not allowed. Shackles on front springs cannot have stops of any kind. Front main spring and shackle must be stock on each side No ladder type bars allowed on front.
    5. Solid rear suspension will be allowed.
  9. All competing vehicles must have a working backup light(s). Light(s) can be in stock position. Light(s) must be activated with the transmission shifter - Driver operated toggle switch is not allowed.
  10. All trucks must have stock sheet metal, including sides and front of bed, and a full bed floor. Tailgates may be removed.
  11. Must be a single plane intake with a 4150 carb
    1. Only one carburetor allowed. Electric Fuel Pumps and regulators are allowed.
    2.  Vacuum pumps are allowed. No dry sumps allowed.
    3. Not allowed: Dominator or predator carburetors, or sheet metal intakes.
  12. A different manufactured motor in a different manufactured truck is counted as a bolt-on.
  13. Blow proof bellhousing with a block protecting plate required. Plate must be secured with all bottom bolts and at least 2 top bolts. No cast iron flywheels allowed. Blankets and/or shields must cover converter and automatic transmission - top & bottom.
  14. No shifting of any transmission, straight stick or automatic, allowed while pulling.
  15. Ignition kill switch must be mounted in center of truck/tailgate, and at least 30" off the ground.
  16. A neutral safety switch is required.
  17. No digital or programmable boxes allowed. No laptops or other devices that could be used to control the actions of the pulling vehicle in or around the vehicle until after the class is completed.
  18. No traction control or speed sensors are allowed. No air bags of any kind allowed.
  19. Heads and blocks must be cast iron. Any aftermarket steel head or block will be allowed. Cubic inch limit will be 503 CI. with 1% allowance. Must be a 4150 Carb with a single plane cast intake.
  20. All exhaust must be at least 12" behind the cab where it exits. Any over-the-counter mufflers, regardless of shape, may be used. No homemade mufflers allowed.
  21. Dampers must be SFI approved, or must be shielded 360 degrees.
  22. Full Hydraulic Steering will be allowed
  23. All competing vehicles must have a tow off hook on the front of the vehicle. Hook may be a drop "D" style, or a solid ring welded to the front of the weight bar. Ring must have at least a 3" opening but no larger than 4". Ring must be rounded with no sharp edges on the outside. If ring is welded solid to the weight bar it can extend beyond the 60 inch limit front weight rule.
  24. All trucks will be inspected prior to pulling. Officials have the right to inspect a vehicle at any time and must inspect any or all vehicles where there is a concern brought to them by any puller in that class. Anyone found with illegal equipment on their vehicle prior to pulling shall be suspended from that pull and the next 5 pulls. This applies to items that constitute a pulling advantage. All official(s) decisions are final.
  25. Drivers must wear a single layer or better fire suit and helmet.
  26. Any interference from truck driver, crew, or family/friends anywhere on the pulling grounds will be grounds for disqualification. 

New Rules for 2023

1-Open headers will be allowed under the truck

2-Bedliner or Bed cover required but does NOT have to support 2000 lbs

3-Batteries, Fuel Cells, Hydraulic Steering motors are allowed out front on or in the weight box

4- Front fenders can be gutted as long as they remain stock appearing on outside

5- Cubic inch limit is 503 with 1 % allowance. All Dragon classes have 1 % allowance