6400 Pro Stock 4x4 Rules for 2022

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1. Engine Limitations

  1. 510 Cubic Inch limit with 1 percent allowance
  2. Must run single 4 barrel carburetor with a square mounting flange. No rectangular shaped mounting flanges allowed.
  3. Must be naturally aspirated - no blowers
  4. No nitrous or nitrous accessories allowed on truck
  5. No aluminum engine blocks are allowed
  6. No Pro Stock style or Hemi heads allowed- must accept stock intake with no major modifications
  7. Intake manifolds will be limited to a single plane CAST Intake that is readily available to the general public. Intakes must keep stock outer appearance with no major modifications.
  8. Custom, one off, non-production cast Intakes are not allowed
  9. Tunnel Ram Intakes cast or sheetmetal are not allowed. Anything that resembles a Tunnel Ram is not allowed
  10. No Sheetmetal Intakes
  11. No onboard computer or data systems PERIOD
  12. Back of Engine block may not be mounted forward of centerline of front axle

2. Exhaust, Fuel, and Carburetors

  1. Upright headers allowed, headers underneath the truck should point straight back not toward the track, no turndowns
  2. Must run Racing Gas ( No Alcohol Allowed)
  3. Fuel may be checked at carburator bowl

3. Frame and Body

  1. No fiberglass body parts with the exception of the hood which may be fiberglass. Lift Bodies will be allowed but must be deemed safe by the tech official and must me able to be locked in the up position. Firewalls must be made of either lexan or metal with no visible gaps. All front windshields must be lexan. (no plexiglass allowed) Both doors must open from the outside.
  2. Maximum wheelbase of 135”
  3. Hitches must be at least 30% of the truck’s wheelbase, rigid in all directions. Must have 3”" opening. Hitch height 26”" maximum. No Hitch angle greater than 25 degrees. Hitch may be adjusted from the top or bottom.
  4. Maximum tire size is 14.50"” x 36”" and DOT approved. No cutting or grooving allowed.
  5. Chassis must be production style. No tubular or chrome-moly chassis allowed. Chrome-moly bracing and supports are allowed. The front suspension MUST match the year of the frame on the truck regardless of body type. Frame must remain stock from front to rear other than mounts or bracing.
  6. Quick change gearboxes and over 1-ton power train will be allowed
  7. Must have stock style leaf /coil spring front suspension. Coil over shocks are allowed in the 6400 Pro Stock FWD class as long as they are used as a helper to the original suspension.  No airbags or hydraulics allowed. Radius bars will be allowed.
  8. Weight box must be mounted rigid and extend a maximum of 60”" to front of box from centerline of front axle.
  9. U-joints must be shielded with at least of ⅛" steel or ¼"” aluminum. Blow proof shields, transmission blankets and/or SFI approved bell housings required.
  10. Must have working kill switch that kills fuel pump also.
  11. Vehicle must have working fire extinguisher 

4. General Class Rules

  1. Engines may be pumped at any event during pulling season
  2. Any truck subject to be teched at any event by the Tech Man or rule committee member
  3. Any unsportsmanlike conduct on or off the track could be subject to disqualification.

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