General Rules

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Class Specific Rules

6200 National FWD 4x4
6200 Sportsman FWD 4x4
6400 Pro Stock 4x4
Hot Street Diesel 4x4
6250 Mod Street 4x4
6200 Outlaw Street 4x4
6200 Small Block 4x4

7800 Light Pro Stock
10,000 Super Pro Farm
12,000 Altered Farm
11,000 Hot Stock Tractors
5000 V8 Economy Modified


New Rules for 2023 season ( Red)


  1- RWB classes will no longer be a part of Dragon Motorsports


  2-On a Rainout and 1/2 the classes have been pulled, rest of classes that have not pulled will get paid

  3- All Dragon Classes allow 1% allowance on cubic inches

  4 - Oxygenated fuel is allowed in all Gas Classes


 1-Must be registered at pull to get points in case of rain out. No points will be awarded if registration has not opened.

 2-All exhibition vehicles at a Dragon Motorsports points event will pull at the end of  the night after all points classes have run and will be charged $100. All exhibition vehicles must be registered to pull.

 3-Dragon Points classes MUST pull first at a points event unless arrangements have been made to start the pull early to do local classes.

 4-Promoters will be limited to 7 total classes at each event.

 5-Must be a member to pull in any Dragon Motorsports Points Class. Non-members will be charged $50 plus registration fee!

 6-One hook per vehicle per event.

 7-Registration fee will go up to $30 this year. $10 will go to the promoter and $20 will go into the pullers points fund from each event


  1. First puller will be able to drop and come right back or drop to 6th place. You can only drop to last for a known mechanical failure of if the sled operator changes the sled.
  2. No track will be over 330 feet. Anything over 330 feet will be a pull off. Track official may float finish in pull off. Track official has right to float finish at any pull if it is the wish of the promoter and all pullers have been notified before the pull.
  3. If puller makes an attempt to stop before 100 feet, he may come back for a second attempt. Only 1 attempt in a pull off.
  4. Point system will be the same: 50-48-46 and 2 points down per position.
  5. Each puller will receive a minimum of 25 points for showing up at a pull and being registered. Puller must make an attempt to pull with a measurable distance to receive last place points and money
  6. In case of a tie in points, the puller with the most wins will win. If they have the same amount of wins, it will go to the one with the most seconds.
  7. All decisions made on the track will be final.
  8. The puller must be a Dragon Motorsports member to recieve points and be able to pull in a sanction points class.
  9. There will be a $500 Protest Fee per item of vehicle being protested. ( 3 items=$1500) Protest MUST come from a registered member of the class you compete in. If you want a pulling vehicle to be checked, the protest must be written on paper for a specific protested part.
  10. If the pulling vehicle is found illegal, points and money will be stripped and the $500 Protest Fee will be returned to the protestor.
  11. If the pulling vehicle is found to be legal, the protested truck gets to keep the $500 Protest Fee.
  12. Entry fee will be $20.00 for members. $10.00 will go to the promoter; $10 will go to the Points Fund.
  13. Promoters must pay minimum purse to be a points pull.
  14. Consequences for cheating will be determined by the Board of Directors.
  15. No riders in any class
  16. Dragon Motorsports has the right to refuse membership from anyone that they feel will cause harm to their organization.