5000LB V8 Economy Modified Tractors

This is the way pulling used to be.  Get a tractor and swap out the motor for some Detroit steel.  Dragon Motorsports brings this class to pull beneath the lights on the biggest stages in Virginia.  Robert Ashley, English Motorsports, Wayne Spencer, Gary Coffey, Buddy Finn, Rocky Meadows, and Hugh Crittenden: These pullers are keeping good running tractors for good shows.

Like the John Deere name that seems to be leaving its mark on tractor history, a tangent of that story is the English name, specifically Grayson and Kevin English.  These two young men have held a green banner with a yellow deer way up high so everybody knows what is what.  As it comes to Dragon Motorsports, these men have driven their Gambler V8 Modified tractor to a number of championships back to back to back in 2015, 2016, and most recently 2017.  Congrats to the whole English family and James River crew keep this tractor working on different plots of land in a range of counties all over Virginia.