5000LB V8 Modified Tractors

This is the way pulling used to be.  Get a tractor and swap out the motor for some Detroit steel.  Dragon Motorsports brings this class to pull beneath the lights on the biggest stages in Virginia.  Robert Ashley, English Motorsports, Wayne Spencer, Gary Coffey, Buddy Finn, Rocky Meadows, and Hugh Crittenden: These pullers are keeping good running tractors for good shows.

John Nicol and "Loose Change" won five out of fourteen hooks for the 2022 season.  Temple Brizendine said, "John wanted me to present this award, I don't know why he wants me to do this class. This class is a bunch of old troublemakers.  Where ya'll at come on up here.  This class right here are fun to be around.  I try to set my sled so I can be around them after the pull." 

John proceeded to tell the room, "The one more story comes from Propane Wayne, whose tractor is right over there (points behind him) in the museum, 'just one more' that's all we heard ... one more (beverage of your choice).  So that one more lives on.  And then we keep Bob filtered in as he is our runner to get us one more."

Congrats to John Nicol and Temple Brizendine and the One More crew.