5000LB V8 Modified Tractors

This is the way pulling used to be.  Get a tractor and swap out the motor for some Detroit steel.  Dragon Motorsports brings this class to pull beneath the lights on the biggest stages in Virginia.  Robert Ashley, English Motorsports, Wayne Spencer, Gary Coffey, Buddy Finn, Rocky Meadows, and Hugh Crittenden: These pullers are keeping good running tractors for good shows.

How many times does an Oliver win a tractor pulling title anymore? Rocky and Bobby were bound and determined to put the Oliver power back on top. But this Oliver had some serious changes adding some pretty meaty tires and shiny wheels to get that Chevy swapped V8 up on the championship for 2021. But this wasn't a run away title. 2019 V8 Champion gave the Meadow boys all they wanted. The last pull slip-up running out of bounds secured the win for Rocky. 

With record numbers in this class, it is getting really competitive. Congratulations to Rocky, Bobby, Peggy, and the team on their huge win in the lightest weight class Dragon Motorsports offers.