Hot Stock Tractors

Hot Stock tractors having 478 cubic inches, 5010, 5020, and 6030 can have 531 cubic inches, Case can have 504 cubic inches, and V8 Masseys are allowed. Turbo - Will be 3LM or S300 to be checked with a 2.39 plug. No aftermarket intercoolers and No Nitrous. The speed limit will be maxed out at 14 mph.

Dalton Harlow emerged as a standout figure in the competitive realm of tractor pulling, steering his tractor "Lil Harlow Harvester" to victory in the Dragon Motorsports Hot Stock tractor class. The dynamic duo of Dalton and his trusty tractor achieved significant triumphs at prominent events, securing impressive wins at Madison and South Boston Virginia. "Lil Harlow Harvester" showcased a perfect blend of power and precision, dominating the Hot Stock class and leaving a lasting impression on the tractor-pulling circuit.

The success story of Dalton Harlow and "Lil Harlow Harvester" was not only an individual achievement but also a family affair. Congratulations poured in for Dalton, E L Harlow, and the entire Harlow family as they clinched the inaugural points title in style. The consistent excellence displayed by the tractor, with an average 2nd place finish at every event, underscored the meticulous preparation and skillful execution that defined Dalton Harlow's approach to tractor pulling. The victory marked a significant milestone for the Harlow family, solidifying their presence as a force to be reckoned with in the Hot Stock tractor class.