7800LB Light Pro Stock Tractors

These tractors are anything but stock. They must weigh in at 7,800 pounds. They feature a 466 cubic inch maximum engine size, 24.50" x 32" tires, and roll cages are mandatory.

In the thrilling world of tractor pulling, Adam Ritchie's legendary tractor, "Pap's Blue Ribbon," emerged as a force to be reckoned with during the 2023 season. This impressive machine dominated the Dragon Motorsports 7800 Light Pro Stock tractor class, claiming victory at its inaugural event in Lexington, Virginia. What sets Pap's apart is not just its exceptional performance but also the sentimental significance it holds for Adam Ritchie. The tractor is affectionately named after Adam's father, who played a pivotal role in introducing him to the world of tractor pulling, farming, and managing the family poultry business.

Throughout the 2023 season, Pap's Blue Ribbon demonstrated unwavering excellence, participating in all but three events and managing to secure a remarkable 50-point lead over the nearest competitor. The tractor's success is a testament to Adam Ritchie's dedication and skill, as well as the cherished memories of his father, who passed away. Despite the absence, Adam felt a profound connection with his dad, sensing his presence from above and imagining him cheering proudly for his son and the iconic Pap's tractor, proudly bearing his image in its logo. Congratulations are undoubtedly in order for Adam and his dedicated crew for a truly remarkable season filled with both triumphs and sentimental reflections.