6200 Outlaw Street 4x4 Trucks

These stock looking trucks feature a 555 cubic inch limit, factory glass, DOT approved tires, and no larger than a one-ton power train.  This class and rule changes are all new for 2014. 

Thomas Alphin is one of the best pullers you have never heard of. Tinker as he is known by does just that. He tinkers with this Ford freaking Ranger all the time. This was never more apparent than in 2021. It couldn't get off the line at Orange Virginia throwing parts and smoking up a storm. He got to work and put the Danger Ranger right back on top. Sometimes the path forward has detours. And this fellow knows about navigating the back roads and shy's away from nothing whatsoever.
Congrats to Thomas, Trish, family, and crew as the man from Goshen, Virginia takes this Outlaw 4x4 title back with him.