6400LB Pro Stock 4x4 Trucks

These trucks must weigh in at 6,400 pounds. They feature a 510 Cubic Inch engine and DOT regulation tires. These trucks are popular with fans because of the close competition and the high RPM range they operate the engines. Most are in the 9000RPM range!

These trucks are very much like the National FWD trucks other than the smaller engines and having to run the DOT tires.  Several of these trucks feature Dragon Engineering products to include engines, wiring, ladder bars frame reinforcement, and custom hitches.

Bill Good is a blue-collar man working with a blue oval blue-collar truck. He put a full pull's worth of points (59 points) on the next nearest competitor in a highly competitive class. Lee Day of Mad Engineering told me earlier this year, "We found we were only running on 7 cylinders the past few seasons and really no idea how long that was going on. We corrected and wet through the motor and restored some power to the truck." This mid-season interview proved to foreshadow what this truck could do if healthy. The Virginia Lightning did just about what Bill wanted it to do and it went where Wally told Bill and the truck what line they wanted. First on Race Day.

Congrats to Bill, Wally, Bill's parents, Lee Day, and all those behind the scenes getting this truck ready to shine when it got on the stage.