6250 Mod Street 4x4

This class was introduced 2014. This class of competitors can run up to a 503 cubic inch engine with 1% allowance.  It can't have any fiberglass body parts with the exception of the hood and tailgate.  It also must have factory windows.  There aren't any license plates on these fine machines.  They are hauled in, shined up, and ready to dig in the dirt.

Skylar Carver's truck, aptly named "Showtime," emerged victorious in the Dragon Motorsports Mod Street 4x4 class during the thrilling 2023 season. Showtime showcased its dominance by securing triumphs in 6 out of 11 events, ultimately claiming the points title. The highlight of the season came with a spectacular win in front of the hometown crowd at Madison, Virginia, in July. Skylar, along with Matthew Fant and the entire Fant Pulling team, deserves hearty congratulations for their remarkable achievement and for leaving an indelible mark on the drag racing scene.

In addition to her triumphs on the racing track, Skylar Carver has entered a new chapter in her life. Congratulations are also in order for Skylar and Matthew as they recently tied the knot. Skylar's name is now Skylar Fant, and it resonates beautifully. Chrissy Fant, Matthew's mom introduced the Dragon Motorsports champion ring program. Chrissy's idea for the rings for the 2023 Season added a unique and memorable element to the pulling banquet scene, making it a talking point throughout the season. On behalf of Dragon Motorsports, the pullers, and fans, we wish Skylar and Matthew a lifetime of joy and success both on and off the track.