6200 Small Block Rules for 2018

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  1. Weight of class: 6200 lbs.


  1. Engine must be classified as a small block from the factory. Aftermarket blocks will be allowed, with the exception of the Ford Cleveland Style Motor (Cleveland style motor must run a factory production style block that was available in a production car or truck and have original casting numbers in place). No Chevrolet LS style engine allowed. No Ford Modular style engine. No Chrysler Hemi style engine.
  2. Engine will have a 440 cubic inch limit, with 0 allowance.
  3. Engine must be in factory location, radiator must be located in front of the engine in stock location.
  4. No dry sump oiling system on the engine.
  5. Cylinder heads must be factory valve angle, and may be aluminum or cast iron. No raised runner heads. Cylinder heads must accept a Cast intake that is readily available to the general public. No Sheet metal Intake. Chevrolet: 18, 15, 12, 9-degree heads will not be allowed. No SB2 heads; Ford: No Yates, or Kaase Heads allowed. Heads must be either factory valve angle Windsor-based, or factory valve angle Cleveland-based Heads; Chrysler: No Indy heads or any Hemi Style configuration. Must be factory valve angle and wedge style head.
  6. Only one Carburetor allowed and it may be 4500 flange or 4150 flange. No fuel injection allowed.
  1. Any DOT approved tire will be allowed but must not exceed 35X12.50 size. (No cutting or grooving tires).
  2. Vehicle must have a one-ton or lower driveline.
  3. Vehicle must have driveshaft loops and universal joint shields. Blowproof Bellhousing is required for manual. A blanket or shield are required around automatic transmissions as well.
  4. All vehicles must run the factory specific wheelbase for the vehicle. Wheelbase must not be altered.
  5. Trucks will be limited to an extended cab with a short bed. Wheelbase is limited to 141".
  6. No fiberglass body parts with the exception of the hood and tailgate.
  7. All hitches must be safe, secure, and rigid in all directions. Max height 24". No hydraulic hitches allowed. Hitches must be at least 36% of the wheelbase length from the center of rear axle to hook point on the hitch.
  8. Hanging weights will be allowed. Weight can be no more than 60" from the center of the front axle housing. Weights cannot be more than 80" wide or 40" from center of truck. There will be a 1" allowance on all measurements.
  9. Any loss of weights, parts, excessive fluids, etc. will be grounds for disqualification, except due to breakage or after forward motion has ended.
  10. If a puller goes out of bounds, the vehicle will be disqualified.
  11. Puller will be allowed a second attempt to start the sled if the vehicle does not go past the 75 ft. marker on the first attempt. Unless in the pull-off.
  12. A full pull is 320 ft.  Anything past will require a pull-off unless promoter states floating finish.
  13. Fuel may be pump gas or race gas. No alcohol, Nitrous Oxide, or Nitrous accessories allowed on engine (Plate. etc.)
  14. Any interference from truck drivers, crew on the track, or scales is grounds for disqualification. 
  1. All drivers must wear a helmet, and fire approved suit.
  2. Every vehicle must be equipped with at least a five-pound fire extinguisher.
  3. Vehicle must have a working kill switch with a 1-inch hole for a hook point at the rear of the truck


  Purse  $ 600

   1. 150

   2. 120

   3. 80

   4. 70

   5. 60

   6. 50

   7. 40

   8. 30


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