6200 National 4x4 Rules for 2021

We honor all NTPA RULES


1. Engine Limitations

  1. 650 cubic inch with 1% allowance
  2. Maximum 5 inch bore space engine blocks
  3. Must be naturally aspirated engine. No nitrous

2. Chassis, Body, and Powertrain

  1. 133 inch maximum wheelbase
  2. 30% wheelbase rule on hitches
  3. Maximum hitch height is 26"
  4. Weight frame can be no further forward than 60" from center of front axle.

3. Exhaust

  1. Exhaust must exit vertical through upright headers

4. Tires and Wheels

5. General Class Rules

  1. Test puller MUST return to 6th place if they decide to drop their pull
  2. If any issues arise during the season the rule committee will meet and make final decision
  3. Must be a Dragon Motor Sports member to pull at any points event

6. Safety

  1. All trucks must be equipped with blowproof shields or transmission blankets
  2. Kill switch mandatory with 1 inch hole at back of truck
  3. All u-joints must be fully shielded.
  4. All competitors must wear SFI approved fire suit and helmet
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