6200 Small Block 4x4

Run many times in previous years, Dragon Motorsports added this class as a points class in 2017. This class competitors can run up to a 440 cubic inch limit, with 0% allowance.  It can't have any fiberglass body parts with the exception of the hood and tailgate.  A welcomed addition to the Dragon family.

Chevy, Chevy, Chevy, Chevy, Chevy, Ford!!!  Sounds like a child's game we used to play called duck, duck, goose.  If you like square body Chevrolet's, man alive have we got a class for you.  This is dominated by the bow tie.  In 2017 the dominating was a truck green like a lizard with a hint of high-lighter green.  The Outcast driven by Ernie Deel did some dirty damage on the season with a run of 6 first place finishes in a row.  Social Media sensations, the Deels know about capturing attention and the former "Lizard" because "The Outcast" with a slick new weight box wrap and other badging.  Congrats to the Deels!