6200 Small Block 4x4

Run many times in previous years, Dragon Motorsports added this class as a points class in 2017. This class' of competitors can run up to a 440 cubic inch limit, with 0% allowance.  It can't have any fiberglass body parts with the exception of the hood and tailgate.  A welcomed addition to the Dragon family.

In the thrilling world of Dragon Motorsports Small Block 4x4 truck pulling, Keith Brickhouse's truck, aptly named "Danger Zone," emerged as the unstoppable force in the 2023 season. This powerhouse of a vehicle showcased its dominance by clinching victory in an impressive 6 out of 7 events it participated in throughout the season. The crowning achievements came with spectacular wins in front of the hometown crowd at Elizabeth City, North Carolina, both in April and September. The remarkable feat of not only securing victories but also wrapping up the points title even before the last two events speaks volumes about the exceptional performance of "Danger Zone" and the skillful driving of Keith Brickhouse.

Behind the scenes, the mastermind and team owner, Adam Stallings, played a pivotal role in the truck's success. With several years of ownership under his belt, Stallings entrusted Brickhouse with a simple yet powerful directive: "Drive the truck, and if it breaks, bring the pieces home in a box, and we will take care of it." This philosophy of resilient determination and a commitment to excellence undoubtedly contributed to the consistent success of "Danger Zone" on the race track. As the Dragon Motorsports Small Block 4x4 class gains renewed momentum, the back-to-back championships secured by Adam Stallings and Keith Brickhouse mark a historic achievement in the sport, setting the stage for an exciting and competitive future.