10,000 Super Pro Farm Rules

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Temple Brizendine
Phone: 804-443-1903
Email: temple.brizendine@yahoo.com
  1. Diesel Tractors only.
  2. No Billet Injection pumps, maximum pump size is 3000 series P Pump 13 mm and must have spring on throttle linkage at pump in case cable breaks, it will pull it back to idle.
  3. Tractor make of motor, chassis and transmission to match brand of tractor. OEM head, block, transmission and rear end or manufactures’ replacement.
  4. 540 cubic inch engine limit.
  5. Intercoolers and water injection allowed.
  6. All members may collect points.
  7. One (1) turbo charger with 3.0” inlet with all air entering in through the 3.0” inlet or a 3.0” restrictor which can be no more than 2” forward of the compressor wheel. The exhaust housing overall dimensions are no more than 7.5” in diameter and compressor housing is no more than 8.0”.
  8. Exhaust pipe has to have 2 sets of cross bolts; 1 set has to be 3/8” grade 5 bolts and 2nd set has to be 5/16” grade 5 bolts. Exhaust has to be at least 18” above the hood.
  9. You must have side shields in order to pull.
  10. No factory steel fans. Must have electric or none.
  11. Minimum drawbar length: 18”, maximum height is 20” and must be rigid in all directions.
  12. All tractors will require Air shut off for sled to hook to and one for driver to pull, scatter blanket for clutch housing. Clutch must have all steel components, SFI approved.
  13. Wheelie bars with minimum 5” square pads and 12” high bumper bars and maximum of 10” off ground. They must support weight of tractor.
  14. Roll bar for rollover protection must be tall enough to be at top of driver’s helmet and support weigh of pulling vehicle.
  15. Dead man’s throttle required.
  16. Front axle skid bars mandatory.
  17. Maximum tire width is 24.5” and rim diameter is maximum 38” . No puller or Puller 2000 tires are allowed.( Puller 2000, Parkes Puller, Pro Puller not allowed) Old style Firestone  23 degree pullers are allowed single cut or double cut. No Radial tires of any kind are allowed.
  18. Working fire extinguisher required.
  19. All tractors must have working rear brakes.
  20. All tractors must have fenders and hood.
  21. The frame and weights must not extend any further than 13 feet from the center of rear axle excluding tow hook.
  22. Any tractor is subject to inspection at any time.
  23. Driver must wear helmet and fire suit.


     Purse $ 2000

     1. 400

     2. 350

     3. 300

     4. 250

     5. 200

     6. 180

     7. 165

     8. 155


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