6200LB National Sportsman 4x4 Trucks

These trucks are a new class to Dragon Motorsports. They must weigh in at 6200 pounds as the name implies. And engine maximum size of 650 cubic inches, with a 1 percent allowance.  It is restricted to Wedge head style motors.  All chassis and tire rules are the same as the National Modified class.

Insert your favorite GMC slogan here. Mason, Daniel, Phillip, Rebecca, and even our fearless leader Temple have hooked these great trucks into a dead tie for the season points. This is the most dominant and closely ran race we've seen in a long time. Each pulling team is well-deserving of the National Sportsman 4x4 title. And don't look now but this class is about to explode. Congratulations to every one of these teams for their dedication to the class, you are all deserving of this title!