6200LB National Sportsman 4x4 Trucks

These trucks are a new class to Dragon Motorsports. They must weigh in at 6200 pounds as the name implies. And engine maximum size of 650 cubic inches, with a 1 percent allowance.  It is restricted to Wedge head style motors.  All chassis and tire rules are the same as the National Modified class.

Aaron Smothers has dominated the track for years in his Money Hog 4x4. This year the man from Goshen was committed to a serious return to pulling after a few years out of the sport. The Money Hog got its name because it literally took every dollar you had to compete. Fast forward some years this street truck turned Modified 4x4 is lowering its head and ramming its tusks into the competition and forcing them to reach into their pocketbooks. This truck is a legend in the indoor circuit and 2021 proved there is still meat on this pig on the outdoor circuit as well.
Aaron has a big-time crew around him helping him out. wife Glenda, Ralph Wilson, and Eric Smith. Eric even got to some time in the Hog this season as well and he helped Aaron best the field winning the championship by some 38 points.
The Money Hog, Aaron, and crew take the National Sportsman 4x4 title back to Goshen Virginia. Congratulations to the team on their impressive season with a record number of trucks in this class and more are coming.