3.0 Pro Stock Diesel 4x4 Trucks

Coming for 2021 is the switch to 3.0 smooth bore turbo.  This class was re-branded in 2016 as the Pro Stock Diesel 4x4 class with a 2.6NP/3.0SB turbo rule.  This change should open up to surrounding states and provide more opportunities for hooks.  This is a hang your weights and load up your front end for some serious hooking power.  These trucks aren't exactly what you would pick up from your local truck dealer.  What you'll see is innovative thinking: Computer-controlled ignition systems, cross-brand motor swaps, and exhaust pipes coming out of places that just look awesome.

Eddie Poore is a rare breed indeed. He has conviction, youthful energy, and sometimes even takes on the form of his son, Greg. Maybe that is just Greg tuning on his dad's truck, yeah, yeah. This father and son team knows how to make the Dodge they call the Sleeper Ram, run right on Saturday, and be ready to drive to church on Sunday. Congratulations to the Poore family on their 2020 season!