8000LB Pro Stock Diesel 4x4 Trucks

This class was re-branded in 2016 as the Pro Stock Diesel 4x4 class.  This is a hang your weights and load up your front end for some serious hooking power.  These trucks aren't exactly what you would pickup from your local truck dealer.  Well we do get the occasional grocery getter.  What you will see is a love for new ways of thinking: Computer controlled ignition systems, a motor for this brand in that brand, and exhaust pipes coming out of places that just look awesome.

Justin Holdren and his "Hitt or Miss" Dodge took the title for 2017.  Sadly Justin was involved in a accident in early 2018 and lost his life.  There will be a void on the track and at post pulling engagements left by the influence of this young man.  Dragon Motorsports staff, fans, and friends offer our deepest sympathies to the Holdren family.